What You Can Do to Help Conserve the Santa Cruz Sandhills

The Santa Cruz Sandhills are one reason why the California Floristic Province is a Global Biodiversity Hotspot. Here are some simple things you can do to help conserve the Santa Cruz Sandhills and contribute to global biodiversity preservation.

_____ 1. Support organizations that facilitate Sandhills Conservation, and get involved in Sandhills preservation, management, and education projects.

_____ 2. Encourage your local, state, and federal government officials to develop and implement Sandhills conservation programs, including habitat preservation, management, and education programs.

_____ 3. If you live in the Sandhills, manage your property to support native Sandhills species and encourage your neighbors to do the same.

_____ 4. Encourage Sandhills land management agencies and organizations to practice Sandhills-specific management strategies.

_____ 5. Tell your friends, family, and neighbors about the Sandhills, and encourage them to do what they can to help preserve local biodiversity.

_____ 6. Reduce your impacts when you recreate in the Sandhills by doing so only where it is legal and well-managed, and by hiking rather than riding horses or mountain bikes. (You'll will see so much more of what the Sandhills have to offer!)

_____ 7. Recycle glass containers to reduce demand for sand and thus the need for sand quarrying in the Sandhills and other sensitive communities.

_____ 8. Contact S.A.N.D. to find out what else you can do to facilitate Sandhills conservation.

Sandhills ponderosa pine in the early morning fog
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