S.A.N.D.'s Mission

The Sandhills Alliance for Natural Diversity (S.A.N.D.) was formed to preserve the rare and unique habitat of the Santa Cruz Sandhills, and inspire its stewardship through scientific research, public education, and integrated land use planning.

Who We Are

S.A.N.D. participants come from a variety of backgrounds and include Sandhills property owners, biologists, planners, educators, and other concerned citizens.

What We Do

Participants help preserve Sandhills habitat, host community educational programs, conduct scientific research, and help direct management for Sandhills habitat. S.A.N.D. advises on many types of sandhills related projects, providing science-based information for successful conservation. In the spring, SAND leads guided walks to see the amazing wildflowers of the sandhills.

Contact Us

For more information about S.A.N.D. and what you can do to help preserve native biodiversity in your own backyard, please contact us.

exploring the Sandhills
S.A.N.D. meets to discuss preservation
S.A.N.D. members conduct scientific research on the Mount Hermon June Beetle
S.A.N.D. leads spring wildflower walks
Sandhills Alliance for Natural Diversity (S.A.N.D.)
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